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My Life 

1/23/09- Summing up my life story, Once upon a time there was a girl (Me) who fell in love until she found out the person whom she trusted had only betrayed her.  She was so mentally and physically exhausted by what had happened that she ended up working a couple of jobs to keep her mind off the past.  How many frogs are to be kissed to find the right one?  Time had passed and all she thought about was doing the right things in life to succeed.  I would worry about paying the bills on time and keeping up with the life style of the Jones’s only to be able to just to fit in.  I have always looked out for my friends when going out and would protect them from being to overly drunk and being stupid, until one day when I wanted to test that true friendship back to see what they would do in return was the true test.  I had strived to become a manager for a few large companies until one day I had a nervous break down.  In deciding what to do with my life I decided to work for a company as clock in and out, just go home with no responsibilities living the type of job that I had always wanted without stress turned out to be one experience I will never forget.  I have no regrets in the way that things happened in my life but have only learned how to deal with them better.   I’m happy things turned out the way they did, it caused me to restructure my life and go down a different path.   The only thing I do miss is the friends that I have made throughout the way and will always remember them as I hope they feel the same.

Ever wonder.